Palace of Fine Arts Through a Pinhole


These photos were made on March 15, 2005, The Ides of March, and I am still trying to figure out why I was attacked by a swan whilst changing film. Apparently I was near a nest, as swans are extremely territorial during the nesting season. But I think the swan was merely reminding me that territories are worth defending. My territory is what is now, lamentably with the advent of digital, called "film capture." Here are some film versions of the reality of the Palace of Fine Arts on the 2005 Ides of March. Camera used is my favorite pinhole to date, an Agfa Billy Clack which has had the bellows replaced with a cherry wood face and a pinhole. It is known as the Cherry Agfa. The film used is Agfa 25 which is discontinued. I have a stash in my fridge, but it is dwindling so I use it only for what I consider "grand" subjects. Please enjoy the photos...they are meant to invoke a different era - one in which there was leisure time to reflect upon the past and enjoy its graces and its excesses.