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When you want to commemorate a special occasion or important memory by immortalizing them in a photo, an experienced professional is your best bet. With the photographers of San Francisco Bay Sailing Pix behind the lens, you will never have to worry about quality or professionalism. We work with our clients to create images that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Whatever the occasion, you know that grainy cell phone pictures aren’t enough to convey the beauty and importance of your life’s greatest moments. For a lasting image that will bring smiles for generations, look no further than the Bay.

It’s not that hard to hire a photo booth near you, even though some companies try to make it so. Luckily, our company is dedicated to making the process easy for you. You don’t have to be confused about whether to choose gold, silver, or bronze packages since you can hire different photo booths to suit any occasion. We bring fun to your event at any time of the year.

If the capital is your venue and you want something different, make sure to look at our variety of modern photo booths such as the Instagram printer station and the increasingly common animated gif photo booth. It is prudent that you avoid the risk of depending on your local photo booth supplier, and allow us to bring the event wherever you are. We’re known for our stylish variety of high-quality booths used during award ceremonies, product launches, weddings, and even with parents wishing to celebrate the birthday of their child.

Wedding Photo Booth Hire 

All our company’s photo booths for hire are a chic and fun inclusion for your wedding celebration. Leave us the hassle of entertaining all your guests on your big and long-awaited day with our variety of distinctive booths, fun extras; along with a uniformed attendant who will ensure everything goes smoothly. Rather than the traditional photographs, why wouldn’t you have a special wedding Instagram printer, which your guests can use to capture, share, and print those photos at the same time? When you enroll in our services, you will have unlimited printed printing; this is perfect for making gifts and souvenirs for your visitors.

Party Photobooth Hire 

If you have a Christmas or birthday party, engagement, or anniversary to celebrate, adding photo booths to your party is a popular way to have more entertainment. These booths enable your guests to have lots of fun while creating special moments of your event. Each party photo booth hires consists of at least a 3-hour hire period, creating more time to make sure every guest is at ease, and in the right mind for fun.

Corporate Photo Booth Hire 

It’s time for corporates to listen up. The service we offer is a popular one and worth considering. We can take care of any event at any time of the year. These include activities like award ceremonies, product launches, networking events, business dinners, trade shows, and even Christmas parties. Whatever your occasion is, and however you want to celebrate it, we won’t rest until it is changed into a fun-filled and fashionable affair.

We pay more attention to service and make sure your guests are very spoiled. So it won’t be a surprise that both our private and corporate clients find us their preferable photo booth rental company. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a traditional booth, or perhaps something top on-trend such as our Instagram hashtag printer, we are here for you. It is almost evident that whatever you choose it will be a hit with your guests, clients, and staff; and fully customizable, including your branding to increase promotional impact.

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Weddings are one of the most memorable days for some people. You, therefore, need to ensure that you pick a great photographer who will capture every special moment on this day. Some moments are priceless and can never be experienced twice. Choosing a wedding photographer requires a lot of consideration and thoughts about the kind of pictures you want taken on that day. You also need to do in-depth research regarding the artistic style, skills, and demeanor when you are choosing a photographer. Do not make a mistake of hiring a photographer whose personality you don’t like. For you to get a wedding photographer who takes excellent photos and has a personality that matches yours, you should be willing to take this process seriously. You will not get great photographers by sitting around. Below are tips to help you choose the right photographer for your wedding.

Get Style 

Before anything else, you need to have a sit down with your partner and discuss which type of photography style you prefer. While some will prefer traditional portraits, others will prefer the classic or the artistic style. Understanding which photography style you want will help you determine which kind of photographer you need. For example, if you love sharp and contrast shots, it would be great if you settled for a photographer with a flair for the dramatic. Once you clarify on the style, you can go through the photographer’s portfolio on Instagram to see whether the photos they take inspire you. Try and get a good collection of inspiring images you find on the photographer’s portfolio and then narrow down on a style you like. Note that many modern photographers can blend different types of styles such as colour images and mix of black and white. If you do not want to settle for a specific style, then choose a photographer who can blend different styles for you.

Ask To See A Full Album Of Their Work 

Photographers will always showcase their best pieces of work on social media platforms because they want to attract customers. If you happen to love a photographer’s work, ask them to come with a full album of the work to check whether there is consistency. Your goal is to have as many photos as possible, which tell a beautiful story. You don’t want to have a few impressive images which don’t even capture special moments. Looking at the album the photographer shot for a wedding with a similar setting to yours will help you get a better idea of their work. You will be able to make an informed decision since you will not only depend on their Instagram or Facebook feeds.

Selecting the right photographer is great because they get to capture some of the most beautiful moments in your life. You, therefore, need to take your time before selecting one. Before you start the hiring process, ensure you know which wedding style best suits you, to allow you to pick a photographer that specialises in that area. Also, don’t forget to request for physical proof of their work before making their final decision.

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If you are going to have a wedding soon, you know that you must hire a photographer if you want to have professional images taken of it. However, the photographer that you choose may not have any type of videography equipment. You may have to hire a separate company for that type of service. Videography has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, they would set up cameras, take film, and provide you with a copy. Today, due to the advanced state of computer technology, and the software programs that can easily manipulate videos, you are able to get exceptional companies producing the most professional representations of your wedding. They will use a wide variety of different cameras, including drones that can take overhead footage. Here is how you can get great wedding videography services for a reasonable cost.

What Exactly Is Videography? 

Most cameras today have a component where you can take videos. Back when these first came out in the 1980s and 1990s, you were forced to use very large pieces of equipment that would use a VHS tape. This subsequently leads to smaller versions with smaller tapes, eventually leading to the SD cards that we all use today. They can hold a substantial amount of information, sometimes millions of videos and 100 hours or more of footage. What is unique about these discs is that they are not made larger because of their capacity. They are simply using a higher technology, each and every year, allowing them to have more storage. Concurrent with this development are video cameras that are capable of using these discs is the type of footage that has been improved significantly. You can take 1080 P HD footage with most of the ones that are sold to the general public, and there are even better ones including full HD which is extremely clear. Videography uses this equipment which can be used on handheld items, or they can be attached to drones that are very popular.

How To Use Videography At A Wedding 

You will know that you have found great wedding videography services for your special event when you look at the equipment they are using. Additionally, when you see examples of the videos they have produced for other couples that have recently been married, this can sell you on the services that they offer. It is so important to work with a company that has years of experience and has also been to multiple weddings in the past. The more experience they have, the higher the probability that the footage that they will take and compile of your wedding will end up being absolutely magical once they are done rendering the videos. The manner that they use videography at a wedding is in three specific ways. First of all, they are going to get footage of the entire event, often meandering through the crowd taking footage. Second, they will take footage of the marriage ceremony as well as the cutting of the cake. Finally, they are going to take drone footage if they do offer drones as part of their service. All of this will be spliced together, usually with music, creating a fantastic video rendition of the day of your wedding. Once that is done, they will then have different package offers that they will present to you, allowing you to pick and choose from the different price points that they have available.

What Type Of Packages Do They Typically Offer? (h2)

Once you have narrowed down a few of the great wedding videography services you can then begin to look at their packages. They will range from just under $1000 to well over $1000 for each one. What you are paying for our the number of services that they will provide. This will include how many cameras they will use if they are using a drone, and how long the footage will be. Additionally, they will provide you with a physical copy on a DVD of your wedding, and they can also offer to upload everything for you to your Facebook page, giving you a digital version of this on their server that you can share with others. Each of the packages will be more comprehensive as the price increases. Depending upon your budget, you can make your choice. As long as you have compared them with other companies, and the packages that these other businesses do offer, you will know which one offers you the best deal.

How Long Will It Take For Them To Render Everything Once The Footage Is Taken? 

Rendering the footage could take a week or more. If you are paying for a rush job, it could be done in a matter of days. The rendering process can be time-consuming if there is a lot of footage depending upon the type of computer they are using. However, if you want a very comprehensive video done that is professionally organized, it could take an additional week to create this for you. Most of them follow a specific schematic when they are creating these wedding videos. If you request specific changes, or if you would like for them to create something unique, this will be extra and it will take a little bit longer. Overall, the average time is a week to get everything back, and you will likely be very happy with the final product.

Once you have found a great wedding videography service provider, it will be the result of diligent research. You will have found them online in most cases, leading you to their website so that you can make an assessment of the work they do. Many of these companies are very busy, booked for several weeks in advance, so you must be very careful when making your selection. Contacting them early is appropriate, and you must compare every package and service that they offer. You will eventually choose the right company for your wedding, a professional business that is very good at videography, allowing them to produce a memorable video of your wedding that you will cherish for many years to come.

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When you get married it is going to be a very exciting time, but because of all that is going on around you, it is easy to forget some things that did happen. This is when you will want to make sure that you have the happy day captured on film by using the best wedding photographer serving Dublin to help you in getting the pictures taken of the happy day. The problem is each photographer you contact will claim to be the best one and will provide you with the service you want to have, but you know as well as everyone else that this is simply not true. So how exactly do you determine which one is the best and which one will not provide you with the look that you want to have? That is when you come to an article like this to learn what questions to ask and what kind of answers you would want to hear.

What Kind Of Camera Do They Use 

While you may not know all the details about the camera, you will want to know what kind of camera they are going to use and have them explain it to you. While this may seem like it is a little bit on the trivial side, you need to realize if they cannot explain how their camera works or the type of camera they are using, then how would they know where to stand to get the best pictures? Well, that is where you are going to want to know the answers to this question.

It is important to note that sometimes this answer can take a little bit to get the reply back on or get the photographer to stop talking about the camera. However, it is important that the cameraman is knowledgeable about the equipment and then you can make sure you are going to have the best quality pictures around that are coming back, but also have a confidence boost in the way the cameraman is going to be taking the pictures. Without this, you could have a cameraman that is going to look okay but have the angles on the pictures wrong or not provide you with the confidence boost you want to have.

How Long Will It Take To Get The Pictures Back 

While you may not think about this at first, you need to realize it will take the photographer some days to get the pictures back to you. However, if you are on holiday or have been eloping for your wedding and hired the photographer to take the pictures, then you will want to know how long before you get them back. It is important to know this information or you could end up having some problems in getting the right pictures back to you in a timely manner. So it is important that you know about the time frame before you get the pictures back.

In some instances, you will be able to get the proofs back in a timely manner, but you could end up having to order the pictures later on. So it is important that you know how long it is going to be before you get the pictures back and the proofs for you to place your order from. Then you will be able to get the information that you need to have on the pictures and know if they will be back in time for you to get the images before you leave or if you will have to pay for postage.

What Kind Of Images Do They Take 

When you are looking at these professionals you will want to know what kind of pictures they are going to take. For example, you may want to have the offset of a black and white picture taken for some of the images, but in other cases, you may want to have a full-colour image. No matter what, you will want to make sure you know what kind of pictures they are going to take which will make it easier for you to know if they are going to take the pictures you want to have captured or not.

Find some tips on how to find the best wedding photography expert!

The other thing that you need to consider is if the wedding photographer serving Dublin is going to be able to record the wedding on video. When they are able to do this, you will have the entire service covered from the pictures to the video and know that all the moments you want to remember for years to come have been captured. So you will finally be able to have a great image that is going to allow you to recall all aspects of the important day.

How Is The Timing For The Photographer Going To Work 

When you hire a wedding photographer serving Dublin you will notice they are going to be set on a time frame that you are going to have to deal with. This is often going to be a charge for the hour or for the day. So you will want to make sure you know about the fact that these are going to be charged for the different items you are getting done. When you are looking at this, you will make it easier for you to know more about what all is included in the services that you are hiring as well.

Being able to have the best wedding photographer serving Dublin is a good thing and a great way to remember the special day. The issues you will find is almost all of the photographers you speak with are going to claim they are the best. By using the information that is above it will be quite a bit easier for you to find the ones that will be able to meet your need and know they will finally be able to give you the help you need to have in getting the special event and day as a whole recorded for years to come.


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Finding the perfect professional photographer for your event is a big deal. You want to ensure that you’re working with a tried-and-true pro with experience and dedication to providing you the best outcome possible. After all, you’re spending your money on this; you are entitled to receive a certain caliber of quality.

Before you sign on the dotted line and commit to working with any photographer, you should conduct an interview. Even if it is a brief interview, it is best to gain an understanding of how this individual or company conducts business. You may have many specific questions in mind, but we recommend starting with these.

What is Your Specialty?

Does this photographer specialize in portraits? Landscapes? Group photography? Weddings? You should feel comfortable in knowing that your photographer has experience with the kind of photography that you need before you book them.

Do You Use Digital or Film Formats?

While traditional film may seem a bit outdated, it is surging back into popularity for the dreamy, nostalgic quality that it brings to photos. If this is what you have in mind, make sure that the photographer is equipped and experienced in dealing with this medium. It’s important to make sure of this, as many modern photographers are more proficient with digital photography.

What is Included in the Package I’m Paying For?

Prints, proofs and retouching are often included as a standard in most photography packages. Still, it is best to know exactly what you are paying for before you commit. This way, you will not be floored by an unpleasant surprise – like having to pay more for certain prints or the retouching of your photos.

Their time is another part of the package that you need to consider. How long will you be booking them for? What do they charge if you go over your allotted time?

Who Will Be Behind the Lens?

If the photographer is part of a company or they work with others, you’ll want to be sure that you know who is going to be responsible for taking the pictures. If the photographer you’ve spoken to initially isn’t the one who will be handling your order, then make sure to see the portfolio of the acting photographer – just to ensure that you’re on the same page.

Will You Be Bringing an Assistant? Will There be an Additional Charge for Them?

Some photographers rely on the help of their assistants to get the best shots and help the session go smoothly. Before agreeing to work with them, make sure that you won’t be surprised by any additional charges related to the involvement of an assistant photographer.

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Everyone has a high-quality camera right in their pockets these days, enabling them to capture important and fun moments digitally with minimal effort or skill. While this is a fantastic thing for your day-to-day life, it’s often best to hire a professional photographer to help you commemorate your big and important moments. While there are many reasons for this, we’ve broken it down into the top five reasons to hire a professional photographer instead of taking the do-it-yourself approach.

You Get to Be in the Photos

Standing behind the lens means being omitted from many of the pictures that you might want or need to be in. More than once, you have probably seen a family member standing behind the camera while they photograph one occasion or another. You’ve also looked back on those photos and realized who was missing. Avoid this entirely by teaming up with a professional photographer. Everyone can get into every shot!

A Professional Photographer Equals Professional Equipment

Photographers have access to the best equipment in the business, which allows them to take the highest-quality caliber of photos for your big day. When you combine this fact with their expert-level composition skills, you can rest assured that your photographs will be picture-perfect.

Pro Editing Software Makes for the Best Finishing Touches

After the photographs have been taken, your photographer will modify them as a part of the package that you’ve hired them for. They will use the latest and greatest in photo editing software to enhance the things you’ll love about the pictures, while eliminating the things that you don’t. From minor touch-ups to bigger edits, a pro has the right software and the skills to use it.

A Professional Perspective

While you might think that you know exactly what it takes to take a good photograph, professional photographers know what makes for a great one. With the keen eye of a professional at your disposal, you could end up with pictures that far exceeded your expectations.

It’s All About Your Vision

One aspect of a photographer’s job is to help their clients to realize the vision that they have in mind for the session. They will never hijack your photoshoot or insist upon their own ideas, though they may offer advice as to how to improve upon your intended shots. When working with a professional photographer, you should expect the end result to be exactly – or better than – what you had in mind.

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